“I’ve been having 1 on 1 phone conversations with Andrew for about 2 months now and have been very pleased in his expansive knowledge and expertise in the field of self improvement and dating.  I admittedly was very hesitant to call his services however I quickly realized during the first call that he knew what he was talking about.  Call Andrew.  You will not regret it.  I have significantly improved since we began and look forward to each phone call we have.”

-Martin C., Pomona

 “When I discovered Drew and his services, I figured I just needed a few pointers to get out of my socially deprived rut. In our first session working together, Drew surprised me with his wisdom, and I left our session with a life changing epiphany. Several weeks later I began addressing parts of myself that needed to be cared for in order to socially blossom. Had I worked with someone other than Drew I would have likely alleviated my symptoms of social inadequacy but overlooked its root cause. I recommend Drew as a life coach to anyone who is ready to take responsibility for their life situation and thus take action to change their life.”

-Nicholas T.,  San Diego


“There are no words for how great I feel after taking a bootcamp with Drew!  I was way too up in my head and nervous before this weekend.  Now I feel unstifled and unafraid.  I feel free.  My confidence has shot up through the roof and I have my first date in a year coming up on tuesday!  Awesome instructor.  I would highly recommend spending a weekend with him!”

-Brad R., Orange

“I’ve been working on my inner game stuff for a while and wasn’t really getting anywhere until I finally got the courage to call Andrew.  Thank God I did.  I had no clue what was going on inside my brain until he broke it down.  It’s crazy all the stuff he knows.  After a few sessions with him, I’m finally starting to feel worthy of a woman’s time, something I have struggled with my whole life.  It amazes me how simple it is and now the only way is up.  Thanks Andrew.  You’re the man.”

-Minh N., Irvine

“Andrew is a natural teacher.  Everything he does, he breaks down and shows you.  He never makes you feel stupid and is probably one of the most genuine guys I’ve ever met.   If you struggle with women, look no further.  He’s 100% the best.”

-Yazi N., Newport Beach

“I can’t believe how lucky I got to have Drew as my dating coach!   He has a real gift and uses it for good.  I’m a complete newbie with women even at my age (29) but he has helped me so much.  I’m still digesting all of the information I got from him and have been consistent in my approaches, which are getting easier for me.  I feel almost no approach anxiety anymore and it’s all because of his EFT coaching and hypnosis!  These tools have truly transformed me and my life.  My friends even noticed and now I’m helping them with the same stuff I was going through a month ago!  I will probably take another bootcamp again soon and will be bringing a friend.  Thank you Drew.”

-Patrick W., Irvine

“Andrew is a good help and good coach.  He has patience and is kind.  I have useful tools now to help me in my confidence and I wish to thank him with my review.  Great job with helping me in dating.   Andrew is a great coach for anybody and has a gift.”

-Tu M., Westminster

“There isn’t much to say about Mr. Drew.  He is simply a guy who excels in talking to women and his coaching is even better.  Take his bootcamp.  You wont regret it.  Peace.”

-Leo L., Huntington Beach

“Andrew is an awesome dating instructor.  I highly recommend him for coaching.  No matter what your level is, he can take you to another level.  He has incredible patience and you can tell he loves what he does.  It didn’t feel like I was out with a coach but more like I was out with a friend who just wanted to help me on my journey to date higher quality girls.  I have greatly improved since having some sessions and doing his weekend bootcamp last weekend.  thanks Andrew!”

-David M., Fountain Valley

“If you want success with women, look no further.  Drew can demonstrate what to do and how to do it.  I only spent one night with him because i’m poor haha but it was the best money i’ve every spent.  He is a cool guy and really wants you to succeed.  I only got a number but it was the best feeling ever cause she was hot and exactly my type!  He pushes you and encourages you to break out of your comfort zone in a way that feels fun.  Can’t believe the night we had!!”

-Raymond P., Irvine

“As a former student I can definitely say these guys have it down.  No bull.  Just to the point.  Great coaching.”

-Aaron S., Long Beach


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