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My Biggest 3 Secrets for Keeping Every Week Full of Dates

My Biggest 3 Secrets for Keeping Every Week Full of Dates

Having an abundant lifestyle takes time and commitment.  It takes a lot of hard work.  There is no shortcut, only knowledge, and application of that knowledge aka TAKING MASSIVE ACTION.   To make that action easier for you, I’ve compiled my biggest 3 secrets for keeping my dating life abundant.  Here they are.


1. Be Social

My first and most key secret for keeping my week full of dates is to be social.  I talk to everyone, always.  When I’m out at a bar, I chat with anyone and everyone about anything and everything.  I am constantly in conversation and you should be too.  Don’t know what to say?  Say anything.  It actually doesn’t matter as much as you think.  Sometimes I’ll just start by saying, “Hi how’s it going. I’m Andrew and I’m out making new friends tonight.”  You would be surprised at how easy it is to make new friends and new girlfriends.

Next time you are out, start chatting immediately.  This momentum will carry through the night and when you see “her” it will be automatic in your brain to talk to her.  Okay.  I admit, it may still be tough, but if you’ve been social the whole night, it will be easier than if you weren’t.


I understand that you might be nervous doing this but don’t worry, I too feel a little nervous before I go out as well sometimes.  But I know that it all comes down to momentum.  The first step is always the hardest.  I know that if I can push through that initial fear and just start chatting to a stranger, each step thereafter gets progressively easier and before I know it, walking up to a hottie isn’t so tough.


2. Accept Reality

My second secret to keeping abundance in women is to accept reality.  I never take anything personally.  It’s a waste of time.  You need to do the same.  The world doesn’t owe you anything so don’t expect it to be kind to you just because you are a good person.  You won’t get along with everyone and everyone won’t get along with you.  That’s reality and its beautiful that way.  How boring would it be if it was all easy?  The bad days give context to the good days.  You wouldn’t know how to fully appreciate a win if you didn’t lose.

Also, it should be noted that my best successes, the most amazing women I’ve met, I met after a night of a lot of rejections and blow offs.  It’s inevitable.  Every night.  Every day.  If you are taking proper action in your dating life, you are going to be rejected a lot.  Period.  I still do and I teach dating professionally.

The fear of rejection is so strong that it may even be the key reason you haven’t been out taking action lately.  You are afraid.  I want you to accept your fear and think of the big picture.  You can either A.  Choose to live in fear and never go out.  Leading a life of loneliness and regret or B.  You can understand that life is short and not to be taken so seriously.  It’s meant to be fun.  Part of that fun is taking chances.  Go out and risk rejection.  At least you can sleep at night knowing that you were a man and took action to better your life.  If you continue doing so, you will have success and start wondering why it took you so long before!


3. Always Lead

Always leading puts the control back in your hands.  If you are experiencing no success, put the blame fully on yourself.  If you are experiencing success, put the blame fully on yourself.  Only you can help you.  Take action, make corrections, and keep driving.  If you do this, you will have success.

Getting into the habit of leading your own life is fantastic and a great catalyst for launching a new and better turnout for your dating life but it doesn’t stop there.  Leading others is extremely powerful as well.  If you lead others, you will become the alpha male.  This is extremely attractive to women.   They are programmed in their DNA to be attracted to a leader.  Make that attraction easier for her and assume leadership roles any chance you get.  I personally assume this role when I’m out because I am constantly organizing nights out and events.  I am making shit happen.  When girls see this, they become attracted.  Period.


In addition to leading people, of course, lead her as well!  When I’m out, I approach attractive women.  That’s leading.  When I’m talking to a girl I like, I bring her to the bar for a drink.  Then I move her to the patio for conversation.  Then my place after the bar starts to close.  That’s leading.  When we are at my place, I prepare her a cocktail if she wants one.  I ensure she is comfortable and am an extremely hospitable host.  I give her a quick tour.  That’s leading.  After chatting for a bit, I put on some music and dance with her.  Then, when I sense the time is right, I kiss her.  Then I pick her up and take her to my bedroom.  That’s leading.  In the morning, she thanks me for the amazing night.  Translation:  Thank you for leading and making things happen like a man should.

[It should be noted that as I am leading, it is never blindly pulling her around and making her do anything she doesn’t want to do.  I am always calibrating and making sure she is comfortable.  Always lead her and assume she will follow.  If she objects, take a step back.  Usually it just means she needs more time.]

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