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What Women Really Want (But Will Never Admit)

During a recent coaching session with a student of mine, I was telling him a simple truth that not many men know and all women deep down repress and will never admit openly.  When I told him the truth, his mind was blown and he even asked me to repeat what I said so he could write it down.

What is the hidden truth?

Before I tell you, just know that if you are a woman reading this you will likely get mad and try to argue.  That’s okay.  You’re supposed to do that.  But hear me out all the way through.

If you’re a man, you will think about it for a little bit and let it sink in as you analyze all your past interactions with women.  It will sink in more and more as you go through each situation and conversation.  Then you will have an A-HA moment.

What is the hidden truth?


“Women are attracted biologically to the alpha male of the tribe.  The alpha male is the guy who has sex with most of the females in the tribe.  Therefore, women are biologically attracted to the man who is having sex with a lot of women.”

Am I telling you to go out there and be a man-whore?  No.  But I would be straight lying to you if I said that it wouldn’t help you find the woman of your dreams.

This is exactly why I teach all my students the same fundamental skills and ideals.  No matter what your goal is with women, the path is always the same.  Get good at attracting women in general and you will be better equipped to attract that girl.  You know, the one you really want.

In fact, I’ve had many students with the goal of getting married and settling down with an amazing woman only to find that this newfound ability to attract women easily is so alluring that they change their mind and decide to finally play the field (which they wanted to do all along but never thought possible).

On the other side of the coin, I’ve had plenty of students tell me their goal is to date a lot of women and play the field only to discover that after achieving this goal and enjoying the game for a while, they want to settle down with one of the girls they were seeing.  They choose this girl out of many because their connection is strong and she is genuinely amazing.

Instead of choosing out of scarcity, they are choosing out of abundance.  This creates a much higher percentage chance that they will stay together and be happier because they are more compatible than an average relationship.

You see, most men just kind of wait for the princess to fall into their lap and hope to have enough charm to sweep her off her feet when that day comes.  The problem is sometimes that day doesn’t come.  They end up settling for a girl they aren’t stoked on.  Soon after, they end up unhappy and then divorced.  Kind of explains the divorce rate huh?

So, by being open to the idea of dating many women, you are doing yourself and your future Ms. Amazing a big favor.  If you do choose not to, it can still work out and you can still find an awesome girl that connects with you on a deep level.  Just understand that the chances are slim.  It’s your gamble.  No matter what path you choose, I wish you the best of luck.


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