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The Secret Hack for Meeting and Effortlessly Attracting Quality Women


So there I was.  It was a Friday night at my apartment.  My green smoothie was almost done when I get a text.

“I’m here!”

It’s from Rachel.  I go downstairs and let her in the gate.  Just as I come up my phone buzzes again.

“Hey!  Parked in the side lot!”

I walk to the gate and let Patricia in.  I introduce the two girls as we walk back to my place and make small talk.

Back at my place I make some cocktails.  Margaritas with fresh lime.  Simple and always a solid choice.  I put on some music to get the party going when there is a knock on my door.  It’s Candice and her friend Bethany whom I’ve met a couple of times.


15 minutes later everyone is starting to get acquainted and some of the girls recognize each other from previous nights out.  I prepare two more margaritas and boom.  My phone buzzes again.

“Yo homie!  At the gate!”

I think to myself, “I really need to figure out how to leave a key so everyone can just come in.”

It’s my buddy, Michael.  He’s a good guy and has been improving a lot with his dating life.  I particularly enjoy his company because he takes action aka approaches and meets women regularly.  Think of him as the Robin to my Batman.

5 minutes later and my phone buzzes again.  It’s Grace and her friend Ryleigh.

They makes it through the gate by following in my other friend, Katherine.  They faintly recognize each other from a night out at Time, the local club in my area.

And now that everybody is here.. BUZZZZZ!!  Whoops, sorry, one more.  It’s Veronica, a girl I met on Bumble and had a couple of dates with but didn’t understand how amazing I am so it didn’t go anywhere.  She walks into a room filled with girls in heels and cocktail dresses all glammed up.  I introduce her to everyone and make her a drink.

I arrange the Lyft for everyone and we head out for the night.

No lines.  No covers.  No stress about talking to girls.  Hell, that night I didn’t even really have to open any girls (although I still did of course).  And the few times I did, it went so well you would’ve thought I was Brad Pitt.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Women are attracted to men who are surrounded by women.  This is what we call being “pre-selected,” and it is a very powerful tool for attracting high quality women.  USE IT!

Make this your reality.   Work smarter NOT harder.

If you want to know exactly how I’ve cultivated this lifestyle in which I am able to meet and attract gorgeous women effortlessly, go to my contact page and drop me a line.

Best wishes,


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