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How I Picked Up a Playboy Model

Playboy.  The epicenter of every man’s dream.  The peak of the mountain in the land of femininity.  The symbol of the ultimate in sexy.  The.. you get the idea.

Ok I’ll stop yammering and get to it.  Here’s EXACTLY how I picked up a playboy model.

It was a Friday night.  Cinco de Mayo to be exact.  I was co-hosting an event at a popular venue.  It was my night.  Automatically that put me into the leader/alpha male frame.  This is the frame you want when you meet ANY woman you care to seduce, especially a playmate.  As I was chatting with a few people helping run the night, I see her for the first time.  She breezes in.. solo.  Just owning it and truly not giving a damn.  You could see it on her face.  I continue chatting with my crew and I make a mental note of this girl.

15 minutes later I am well into a social mood.  I am chatting with almost everyone at the venue.  I’m walking up to guys, girls, EVERYONE and saying hi.  I am genuinely curious about who they are and why they came that night.  More or less this was to see who was bringing who and what was working in terms of quantity and quality of people.

As I am chatting with a new friend, I spot her in the corner of my eye.  She’s sitting down by herself just kind of hanging out, oozing confidence and sexuality.  I excuse myself and walk straight up to her just as I had been doing all night.  (Momentum working in my favor).

There was no special line or “opener” that just made the whole interaction.  It was a simple hello followed by a genuine curiosity about her as a person.  After chatting for a few seconds I realize 2 things.  1.  She is interesting.  And 2.  She is interested.   I take a seat next to her with full entitlement aka I have a feeling inside me that says “I deserve this girl.  Does she deserve me?”  We chat for a while and at no point does she reveal her playmate status.  Although, her name sounds like a brand or something, which I told her out loud, I still had no clue who she was.  After about 15 minutes of chatting and genuinely connecting, we exchange numbers and I go about hosting the event as usual.

During the interaction some of the key things I did well were:

  1.  I approached.  Seems obvious.  But I’m making a point.  Not only as a lesson for you but also for future me.  I get nervous too sometimes.  I get the approach anxiety.  But it’s interactions and connections like this one that reminds me to get my ass out there and do it anyway!  I can’t stress this point enough because, trust me, I know how hard it is.
  2. I was already chatting to everyone there.  This is classic momentum working in my favor.  I was in a social mood.  Conversation was easy.
  3. Frame.  My frame was that of the alpha male running the show.  You don’t have to be the best man in the world, just the best man in the room.  I was that man.  And the lesson you and I can both learn is this:  You can do that every time you go out.  You can approach everyone.  As I was approaching people at the event, at no point did anyone question me as to why I was saying hi to them.  They could sense in my body language and frame of mind that I was the alpha.  They could sense I was a leader who was friendly and didn’t question it at all.  That’s a powerful concept that I hope you take away from this and it’s definitely something I will keep doing when I go out ANYWHERE.  Just assume you are the king of the room and watch as you gain a following of new friends and relationships.
  4. My sense of entitlement.  I was the man running the show that night and therefore by default, the alpha male of the venue.  This seeped into my brain quickly and approaching people was so easy it felt like less of a public venue and more of a party at my place.  There was zero approach anxiety.
  5. I connected with her in a real way.  There was no faking it. There was no “game.”  I simply got along with her very well.  We were very similar in many ways and that made things really easy.  The point I want to make is this; if we hadn’t connected, I wouldn’t have asked for her number.  Why waste my time?  I wont connect with everyone and everyone wont connect with me.  By not forcing it and accepting whatever may happen, that takes the pressure off of the approach.  In fact, I approach every hot girl with one thing in mind.  “I wonder if we will connect.  Let’s find out.”  Girls can read this in your body language right away.  They can tell that you aren’t approaching to “get in their pants.”  They can tell you are a man of quality and are seeking information about her to see if you will actually get along.  I naturally qualify women in every interaction and if you aren’t doing so as well, you are never going to attract the woman in your life you really want.

The next day, I wake up and she has already requested to follow my Instagram and become friends on Facebook.  After accepting, she texts me “Hi Andrew 🙂  It was so rad meeting you last night. *kissy face emoji*”

Follow the principles in this post and you too can attract playmates, strippers, and any girl you may have once believed was “out of your league.”

Good luck out there.


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