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3 Reasons You Should be on Tinder

A few weeks ago I met the good friend of the guy who invented Tinder.  Sure it’s not the coolest story in the world but it did remind me of a great lesson that I’m going to share with you today.

3 Reasons Why You Should be on Tinder.

Now, I know that Tinder, along with the myriad of other dating apps trying to be Tinder, has a bit of a stereotype, but being on it actually has it’s share of benefits.  And here they are in order of importance (from least to greatest).

3.  It increases your chances of meeting a quality girl.

-There is a massive amount of beautiful and awesome women on there and for you to not at least stick your neck out there is just plain short-sited.  It’s not just a hook  up app either (although it definitely can be).  I have met couples who claimed to have been hesitant to join but who were talked into it by a friend and actually met their partner!

I, in fact, have been to 2 weddings that I was personally responsible for because I talked the guy into trying it out.  *Pats self on back

haha ok, let’s continue

2.  It improves your game with women.

-It all comes down to the simple and classic mantra; “Practice makes perfect.”  If you want to get good at something, PUT IN THE HOURS.  It is said that you must have 10,000 hours until you are a master at something.  For dating, it’s no different.  Put in the time and you WILL get good.  I have seen some of the least eligible bachelors become impressively good at attracting women once they put in the time (and hired me 😉 ).

1.  It will change your belief system in a good way.

-To be truly effective at dating, you must have levels of outer and inner game working in your favor.  I, as a professional dating coach, would argue that INNER GAME IS BY FAR THE MOST IMPORTANT.  Everything a woman does before she meets, sleeps with, or dates you is to test your character and the type of man you are.  If you pass these tests, she chooses you.  At the end of the day, it is our job as men to go after and seduce women.  And it is the woman’s job to resist and test us a man to ensure we are man enough.  She tests our inner game ie beliefs, attitudes, level of self-love and confidence.

Part of having awesome inner game is to believe that there is an abundance of beautiful women out there and that many of them are looking for a man.  As I swipe through the endless amount of women on the app, it becomes glaringly obvious that this is indeed the case.  This, in turn, helps me to approach women more easily and confidently out in bars and in grocery stores.  I have seen that millions of women are seeking men.  Why not me?  And so, this is the number one reason you should be on Tinder.  It becomes very clear.  Women want a man.  They are waiting to be swept off their feet.  So do it!  If not on Tinder, than in the real world!!

*Smacks you on the ass and yells “GO BOY!”




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