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What is a common myth that you didn’t even know you believed?

Women don’t like sex.

Take a moment and think about that for a second.  I’m right.  You believe this deep down.  There is a prevailing attitude about sex that is drastically different for men and women.  For a man it is good, almost seemingly honorable, to want sex and to have had many partners.  For a woman it is the opposite in every way.  We show discernment and judge women who openly say they enjoy sex and have had many partners.  …see.  There it is.  You just thought about an imaginary girl saying that and you judged her.  Yes you did.

And THAT’S why the myth exists!

Women are forced to bury their desires and sexuality.  They are encouraged from a young age to conceal any natural sexual urges due to society and it’s incredibly irrational double standard.

I’ve personally seen the same parent scold their daughter when they heard she was romantic with a boy but almost in the same breath congratulate their son for being romantic with a girl.  The difference?

No idea.

But let me tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Women.  LOVE.  Sex.

And I’ll prove it.

Let’s take a look at anatomy.  The man.  He has a penis.  This penis is for urination, ejaculation, and falling short of a girl’s expectations in a drunken one night stand.  Because it’s an excretion organ and a sexual organ, it is almost like a swiss army knife of anatomy.

The woman.  She has a vagina.  The vagina is for urination, ejaculation, and ruling the entire universe.  But let’s look closer.  Oh, there it is.  A little part on the hood made for one thing and only one thing.. sexual pleasure.  If you guessed “The Clitoris” then you are our lucky winner!!!  Here is your prize!!  A new belief that will help you get laid like a rockstar.

Women love sex and think about it constantly.  Just as much if not more than men.  They have the parts to prove it.

How will this help you?  Next time you are out and wanting to approach a girl or make a move on a date,  do it!  You will be doing her a favor!  Women want you to make that move because if they do they will be judged!  Give her sexual pleasure but don’t be surprised if, when she becomes comfortable with you, she starts asking for sex more than YOU!


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