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Momentum is EVERYTHING

Momentum is everything.

Newton’s first law of motion is often stated as:

An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

..or to sum up.  Objects that are in motion tend to stay in motion.  And objects that are standing still tend to stand still.

How does this help you?  Have a seat and get out your spiral notebooks because physics class is in session.


Let’s take a common scenario.  A typical guy out at the club/bar/lounge whatever.  We’ll call him Joe.  Average Joe.

Joe gets a call from some friends to go out.  Joe agrees.  Joe is now in the club.  Joe goes to the bathroom first thing even though he doesn’t really have to go.  Joe comes out and goes straight to the bar.  Joe orders his first drink.  Joe scans the club.  Joe feels fear.  Joe nervously stands there with his drink at his chest.  Joe takes a drink.  Joe chats with his friends who are just as full of fear as he is.  This goes on for another 3 hours.  Joe is now drunk.  Joe walks up to a pretty girl he has been staring at for 3 hours.  Joe is swiftly and rightly rejected.  Joe retires home and thanks the god he prays to he still has a right hand.

Sound familiar?

Show of hands.  Does anyone relate to this?  Be honest, class.  I know I have.

This is the power of momentum working against you.  The more you stand still, the more apt you are to stand still.  Like attracts like.  This is true for everybody, always.  But if you are reading correctly, you know there is good news coming.

You can choose to not be like Joe.  You can choose use this power of momentum to work for you!

How?  Let’s take another example.  We’ll use another guy as our example.  Let’s call him Awesome Jim.  Jim is awesome.  Why?  Is he better than you?  No.  Is he smarter than you?  No.  Is he better looking than you?  Nope.  Awesome Jim is awesome because he harnesses the power of momentum instead of letting it get the best of him.  Jim is only one character trait Average Joe is not.  Jim is proactive.  Joe is reactive.

Here is a night out with Jim.  Jim calls up some friends to go out.  They meet at his place.  Jim calls the Uber and rounds everyone up for a fun night out.  Jim shows up with friends and they are all chatting and laughing.  Jim walks up to the doorman and shakes his hand in a friendly greeting and asks how his night is going.  Jim actually listens and cares.  Jim walks in with his crew and they are bringing good energy to the venue.  They are all bringing value.  Jim goes to the bar and orders a round.  Jim chats with the bartender.  Jim then chats with a stranger next to him at the bar.  Jim makes a new friend.  Jim then chats with friends again.  Jim then sees a girl.  Jim says hello and makes a quick joke.  Jim meets her friends.  Her friends meet Jim’s friends.  This type of scenario goes on for the remainder of the night.  Jim continues to meet many people.  Toward the end of the night, Jim has a lot of momentum and is getting to know half the room.  Jim has warmed up his social muscle and is very quick witted by this point.  Jim limits his drinking and is friendly and cool.  Jim sees a knockout and walks up to her.  It is very easy because he has been friendly with so many people that it has become very “normal” in his mind.  Jim is on fire.  His social skill is peaking and he is in a good state of mind.  The knockout is already intrigued because she saw that he has a lot of “friends.”  She has no idea he just met most of these people.  She sees Jim is high status and goes home with him that night.  Or a number or whatever.  You get it.

Do you see how Jim works?  He is proactive from the beginning.  He leads.  He makes moves.  He takes care of his crew.  He is friendly.  He meets many people.  This creates an upward spiral of awesomeness.  Jim is using momentum to propel his night into pure power.

Be proactive.  Be awesome.  Be like Jim.

-Drew aka Jim 😉

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