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How to Insult a Woman

There are many ways to insult a woman.  You can call her fat.  You can tell her she isn’t good enough for you.  You can even tell her her dress isn’t attractive.  BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T DO ANY OF THOSE THINGS EVER YOU IDIOT!

Okay, I admit, if you say these things in a very playful way, you can get away with those things if the girl has very high self-esteem aka she’s a knockout.  That’s the one exception.  But what I am telling you is to never even go that route.  That’s some advanced level stuff that I don’t want you messing with.  I repeat DON’T DO THAT EVER.  Be kind.  What I am telling you is how to ultimately insult a girl.  I mean the big one.  The worst one.  The easiest one.  And you do it all the time.  You ready?



Don’t approach her.


Yes.  That’s it.  You insulting douche bag.  You go out all the time and insult girls don’t you.  You’re such a prick.

Haha okay I admit I even do this sometimes.  But I’m telling you this right now.. if you see a girl you are attracted to and don’t approach her, you insult her.

Think about it…

Do you know how long it takes a girl to get ready?

Do you have any idea how much debate goes on in her head as to what to wear?  And for how long she debates it?  Some girls start on a Wednesday just to decide on Saturday’s outfit.

Do you know how much money she spends on said outfits not to mention the make-up and countless products she puts on herself just to impress you?   That’s right.  She is trying to impress YOU.

If your mind just exploded from sheer belief change, you’re welcome.  So stop being an asshole!!  Stop insulting women.  Treat women kind and approach them.  Give them that experience because it’s literally what they’ve been waiting for all week while they were thinking about a guy just like you to appreciate a girl just like her.

To summarize:  Be a good guy.  Because Good Guys Get Girls!


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