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An Overheard Conversation Between Two Hotties

You know what I love about standing in line at the bathroom?  Overhearing conversations.  Some of these conversation tidbits are exactly what you need to remind you what you need to be doing.

One conversation in particular was of 2 girls as they waited in their line next to the guys.  Here is a piece of gold I overheard that will help you for the rest of your life with women.  One of the girls said to the other, “I just want a guy to come up to me and be the man.”

That’s it.  But what does it mean?  To be the man?

I speak woman-ese so here’s the translation..

  1. I want a guy to approach me

Yep.  That’s right.  I’ve been barking this at you for years now.  Women WANT YOU TO APPROACH.  SO DAMMIT APPROACH.  It’s insulting to her and yourself to not approach!  Next time you have approach anxiety, remember this one thing and it will get your butt in gear.

  1. I want said guy to be a leader

A woman wants a leader.  She wants a boss.  She’s tired of making decisions and being responsible all week and needs a vacation.. with YOU.  Lead.  Fulfill your role as a man.

  1. I want him to bring me into HIS world

When you approach a woman.  You have to set the frame.  You set the pace.   Your approach should feel like a “Welcome to my world.  You WILL enjoy your stay so.. you’re welcome in advance.”

So don’t be insulting to the woman.  Take it upon yourself to be THE MAN.  LEAD.  WELCOME HER INTO YOUR REALITY.  And most importantly.  APPROACH.

-Drew 🙂

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