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Early Ejection

A few nights ago I was out with a few students in one of my favorite venues in Orange County.  This place is a bit classy, a bit pricey, and a lot awesome.  Plus, it is always packed with beautiful women who are intelligent and usually high quality.  My type!  Haha.  So anyway, let me get to it.  I spot 2 gorgeous blonde girls sitting down chatting and notice that they have been just chatting to each other for quite some time.  They want to be approached and I can sense it.  How?  Girls don’t go out to a lounge or bar to have a chat when they could be having it at a coffee shop!

I tell one of my brightest students to go in.  He hesitates.  He doesn’t want to.  I’m not sure why, but he refuses for a moment.  I give him a brief pep talk and a little kick in the ass (metaphorically) and he goes.  A few minutes in and its going well.  He’s in and the girls are welcoming.  All smiles so far.

I go in to help out and to assess how he’s doing and the girls are just as receptive to me.  All four of us are chatting away and having a good time cracking jokes as if we had known each other for years.  And then it happens.  POOF!  Houdini is gone.  My student just bailed.  It’s just me and these two gorgeous blondes.

Okay class.  What happened?  Anyone?

Did he have to pee?  No

Did he feel the uncontrollable urge to dance to the sampling of a Biggie Smalls jam?  No.

That’s right.  He ejected early.  He just left.

But why?

Because he didn’t feel entitled.

He didn’t feel worthy of these women.  This shit is real fellas and it needs to be fixed.  You need to sort it out in your head that you are enough.  You need to come in with the frame that you are the prize to be won.  You are the boss.  You are the KING.  End of story.


Oh so many ways.  Hypnosis, accomplishing goals, approaching a ton of women and developing your skills, dating many women and always getting hotter women in your rotation, etc.  But the one I will leave you with is what I make EVERY student do as one of his first assignments.  He must make a list of all the reasons he is enough.  Why are you the king?  Why do you deserve the hottie?  Make that list now.

Oh and one more thing..

If that list is short, shut up and keep going.  There should be a minimum of 20 reasons why you are enough.  When that list is done.  Run through them and feel the words as you read them to yourself.  When you feel these words, you will help to instill these as solid beliefs.

Go deep and watch the results happen.


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