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The Difference Between the Nice Guy and the Good Guy



Are you a nice guy?  Have you always been the nice guy?  Me too.  I was raised to be nice and to live by the golden rule… “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”  And you know what, I’m glad I was brought up to be like that.  Because it made me the man I am today.

However, soon I quickly found that that was not working for me.  When you are a nice guy, you end up taking a backseat in life.  You end up not taking chances and risking anything ever.  You end up as a people pleaser (I used to be very guilty of this as well).  But you know what, it’s because you got being a nice guy confused with being a good guy.   Allow me to explain.


Okay, here is the difference between nice and good.

The nice guy let’s you take his girl.  He doesn’t want to cause trouble or have anyone not like him so he sacrifices his own happiness for others.  The nice guy lets people walk all over him in every instance.  He wants so much to be liked that he will go to any length to convince you that he is what he has identified as… the nice guy.

Now time for the man who is a Good Guy.

The Good Guy is full of self-love and happiness, and he spreads that energy to everyone he meets.  The Good Guy knows his boundaries.  He knows what he will and will not tolerate and has high standards for the people he invites into his life.  He is a good man who treats everyone fairly but he takes no shit from anyone… ever.  His default mode is kindness for all but he can shut that mode down quick if he needs to.  He knows who he is and his integrity is intact at all times.  He’s not afraid to laugh at himself either.  The Good Guy attracts women easily because he has balance.

Okay, did you see the key differences in there?  Basically it can be summed to this:  Be a good person and friendly to all, but have your personal boundaries and never compromise them.  I mean never.

Don’t know what your boundaries are?  Assigment time!

Right now make a list of 10 things you expect from the people (not just the women) in your life.  What are your standards?  Discover them NOW and watch as women flock to you like.. whatever flocks to stuff.. and stuff.

To summarize:  Be kind, rewind.


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