Alpha Male, Body Language, Dominance, Inner Game, Meeting Women

Friendly and Dominant


Last night I was at a party.  At this party, there were many-a beautiful ladies present.  I spoke to almost all of them and nearly every one of them was clearly attracted to me.


Well, I can tell you that it’s not because of Brad Pitt looks or my Bill Gates-like wealth.  It’s because I was friendly and dominant.  I greeted everybody, giving relaxed and friendly eye contact, and was dominant the entire night.  By dominant, I don’t mean pushy and aggressive.  I was full of loving energy and good vibes.  I moved slow and spoke calmly.  I was still.  Not in a tree kind of way.  But just very grounded in my own energy kind of way.  I leaned back, had relaxed body language and always looked more comfortable than anybody else in the room.

Also, I wasn’t just talking to women.  I was talking to EVERYBODY.  One minute you could see me catching up with an old friend, the next, complimenting a girl on her boots, only to have her following me around the party for the rest of the night.

So the next time you are out.  Focus on just those two.  Friendly and Dominant.


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