Body Language, Proximity



Hey fellas, today I want to talk about how women show interest without “showing interest.”  Among the many ways in which they sub-communicate interest, one is key key key.  It’s called the proximity effect.

What is the proximity effect?

Basically, it’s a woman’s way of showing interest in you by standing/sitting closer to you.  For example:  A few nights ago, I was out with a client and was watching him from afar.  He was having some laughs and talking to a group of people when I noticed a group of cute girls walk over to where he was and stood right next to him but with their back to him.  I texted him immediately to talk to those girls.  Voila!  They were very receptive to him and the game was on from there.

Your ability to notice these little signals women throw out is critical.  Watch for hair flips.  Watch for extended glances.  And when you see them GO BOY! 

“Hesitation leads to masturbation.”



Just keepin’ it classy,


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