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TV is Trash


Yesterday I found myself caught up on my to-do list and decided to click on the ol’ television.  After a few minutes, I quickly remembered why I don’t watch a lot of television.  It’s all negative garbage!!  Click…  women who murder their husbands for money.  Click…  people with mental problems that compel them to fill their houses with clutter.  Click… commercial, buy this and women will love you!  Commercial, eat this, it tastes good but will eventually kill you!  Commercial, you have to have this new workout machine!!  Only 15 minutes a day will make you look like a greek god!   Trash.

I’m not saying throw your TV out the window, but seriously consider reading a book or… oh, I don’t know… going out and socializing before you reach for the remote next time.

Just keep it to a minimum.

Among the MANY reasons I could list off, I will only write one.

It will mess with your belief system and attitude.  By watching a show about how women murder their husbands, you will start to develop an unhealthy attitude toward women.  If you watch a show about gangs, the next time you are out, you will have a shield up and be a little more nervous.  This will show in your energy and will KILL your interactions with women.   Sure it may be on a small level, but it WILL be there.

Think about it.  The last time you watched a Bond movie…  how bad did you want to order martini afterward?  What we see inevitably influences us.  Choose wisely!!


A good article on the subject:



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