Calling, Meeting Women, Rejection

Girls Gone Cold!


Question:   Have you ever met a girl, had good conversation with her, felt a little connection, then you got her number and never saw her again?  We’ve all been there dude.  There are a few reasons why, however, one common reason is because you waited too long to contact her!

Listen dude, there is no 3 day rule or 24 hour rule or whatever rule.  Oftentimes, I will contact a girl that same day or the day after.  The reason that rule was ever invented was because it was said to come off desperate.  However, when I am talking to her, through my conversation, my ease and charm, she can tell that I am not desperate.  In fact, she usually assumes I have abundance by my confidence and overall vibe that says “I have no outcome dependence.”

Two little ways to help alleviate this problem is by

1)      Ensuring a better connection with her through longer conversation, more flirting, and creating more emotional spikes for her.

2)      When you contact her, mention some inside joke you guys had when you were talking.  I like to give little nicknames and this is usually how I start.  It brings her back into that high emotional state, thereby, increasing the chance that she will text/call back.



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