Alpha Male, Approaching

3 Instant Benefits of Approaching



  1. You will feel like more of a man than ever before. 


Some men smoke.  Some drink.  I approach.  That is my addiction.  It is my high.  Regardless of the outcome, the simple act of moving on my honest intentions and saying EXACTLY what I feel..  no words can describe.  The outcome is literally not important to attain this feeling.  And I thrive on it.  If you ever see me in a really good mood, it’s likely due to the fact that I was approaching earlier.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
Oscar Wilde


  1. It will change your life


Sounds intense I know.  But trust me.  It will.  By approaching I have made many new friends, girlfriends, and built connections to avenues of life that I never thought possible.  It expands your world.  Even if you just become more social.  That is enough to get it started.  But approaching puts it into overdrive.  Trust me.  Nobody ever thought I was weird or creepy by just going up, being friendly and saying hi to strangers.  Doing this garners a lot of respect and it puts the power in my hands.  Which is where it should be.


  1. Your friends and peers will have a higher respect for you


By doing this in front of your friends, they will lose their minds.  Not many guys have the balls to actually do this and everyone knows that.  Only the most confident of the herd will do this.  Only the most alpha.  Only true leaders who don’t give a shit what others think will do this.  By approaching regularly in front of your peers, a shift will happen within the group.  You will become the group leader.  They will start asking you for advice, even if you fail most of the time!  I have heard this from so many of my students it’s astounding.  And that works even better for you because you should be leading the group anyway!  Two birds.   One stone.  Man, I love easy math.

So go.

Be bold.

Have fun.



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