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Pain is Gain (Field Report)


Pain hurts (duh right?).  We avoid it.  That is why we avoid rejection.  Rejection is pain. That is why we avoid potential to be rejected.  That is why we are being little bitches.  You have to understand that pain is good.  I’m not kidding.  Think about it, if you burn yourself on a stove, guess what?  You know not to do that again.  You have just gained first-hand knowledge on something.  Same goes with women.  If you become needy with a woman (we’ve all been there), she will sense it and usually reject you.  She has been burned by needy men before!

Now, the problem is this.  It’s not as obvious as simply burning your hand on a hot stove.  There are more contingencies happening in human interactions.  If she doesn’t text/call back you start thinking back through all of your interactions.  “Did I push too hard?  Did I not have good body language?  Was my hair funny?”  Whatever.  Figure it out.  How?  I actually keep a log of my interactions with women (to this day).  It has improved my game tremendously because it allows you to flesh it out and at the end I always force myself to fill in a “Lesson:” category.  I find a lesson in every interaction, whether it was good or bad.  I write something.

Story time with Drew:  One night I was at the House of Blues in Anaheim.  Show was going great, but I soon became distracted.  She had incredible wavy black hair, piercing eyes, curves, wow.  Just gorgeous.  I tap her on the shoulder and say “Hey, I think you’re super cute” or something like that (It’s been a few years).  Long story short we get friendly by holding hands and talking and I find out she is leaving for home the next day.  I decide to make a move (now or never).  She isn’t down to move that quickly.  Oo that sucked.  It was a little awkward after that and, soon after, we parted ways.  Me and my friend leave shortly after and head to a strip club for another friend’s birthday.  Blah, blah, blah, I pick up my first stripper.



Many of my greatest successes (in any regard) have come shortly after a failure.






Write it down.





Drew 🙂

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