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Most Underrated Asset (Voice Tone)



Among a few other qualities, a weak voice tone is by far one of the most common problems plaguing any new client of mine.  Usually it is quiet, unsure, and sometimes even barely there.  This is highly unattractive to women and I will tell you why.  It’s an indicator of a lack of self-confidence.  Simple.  If you speak softly, it is usually because you don’t want to disrupt others and you are afraid of how others perceive you.  This is typical beta male thought process.

I highly encourage you to start taking up space with your voice.  Breathe deep and from the diaphragm.   Now say something.  Sounds a bit different right?  Now I’m not saying if you sound like Barry White they will come flocking to you.  What I’m saying is it will help in a big way.  That’s all.

I have personally recommended voice coaching for some students.  This helps them to breathe properly and even helps posture (which is critical to good voice tone).  It all works together.

For more information on voice coaching, contact me and I will connect you to my friend Whitney, an amazingly talented and beautiful voice coach.


For more info on voice tone, check out this article!



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