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Mindset:  It’s Just an Experiment


One of the most powerful mindsets you can have is to acknowledge that one day you will die.  Woah, intense.  Wtf man.  Haha.  Right?  But seriously, you will die and if you do not acknowledge this, you are limiting yourself.  Why?

By acknowledging that you will die, you are acknowledging that nothing matters.  Accept the fact that everything you are and have built will be forgotten in 100 years.  Dust.  Nothingness.  So, go now and explore this beautiful planet.  Carpe that fucking Diem.  Experiment.

See a hot girl?  Go say hi.  Be willing to learn.  Have fun in the experimental process.  If you can find a friend who is like minded, even better.  You guys will feed each other’s state and probably experience more success and happiness than most men have ever dreamt of.

Shed your pride and just be willing to be silly, fuck up, and go with it.  It doesn’t matter anyway.

Be happy.  Be playful.  Happiness is not a result, happiness is a choice.  Choose.  I know it sounds obvious and IT IS.  That is what baffles me about it all.  Not many people get it and it’s staring them in the face.  Stare back.  Hold.


Hold… ok, awkward laugh.


But seriously, the best mindset you can have is to just imagine you are a scientist.  A social scientist.  Just tinkering around and learning.  Having fun.  Being open minded.  Being social.


-Drew, the social scientist

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