Exercise, Happiness, Health, Meeting Women

The Best Way to Pick up Women is…


to have something better to do than pick up women.


Why?  Think about it.  If all you do is go out searching for women to hit on, you will usually come off as that creepy guy.  Or, even worse, that desperate guy.  I’m not saying don’t go out to hit on women.  What I’m saying is, by having a life, by having things going on, by living for your passion, you will become more stoic and unreactive to the environment.  You will be more centered.  You will be more attractive.

Make yourself your number one priority.  Seems obvious right?  Well, apparently it isn’t.  Treat yourself with respect and really indulge yourself in activities and events you love.  Busy up your schedule with activities.  Judo class every Tuesday and Thursday evening.  Saturday morning hikes.  Wednesday night happy hour/karaoke with the boys.   Whatever.  Get active.  Get out there!

What you’ll find is that you wont care as much when you are talking to a girl, no matter how beautiful.  In your mind, you know that your reality is awesome and she should prove to you why she should be a part of that (this is where qualifying comes in).



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