Health, Meeting Women

Eating Healthy Can Get Me Laid?



Ok, first of all, I’m not saying that if you only shop organic and always finish your vegetables like your mother told you that you will magically have women fawning over you.  But I am saying that it will actually improve your chances.  Here is how..


  1. Feeling Good.

By eating healthy, you are putting vitamins into your body, thereby giving you a more efficient body and mind and you WILL feel better.  Feeling good is everything.  It is that state that is ideal.. no.. crucial when you are out gaming.  Without it, you are already dead in the water.



  1. Brain Power.

Can’t think of anything to say?  This can be improved in two ways.  Going out and chatting with EVERYONE you can all the time and by having a higher capacity of brain power.  That power is fueled by whatever you are putting in your tank.  If you are putting fast food into it, guess how it will perform?  Ok, you get it by now.


  1. Proximity.

Finally, there are droves of GORGEOUS women in organic food stores.  It is baffling.  From the staff to the customers, I have chatted up many women very easily and naturally just talking about how great that new organic dairy free peanut butter is.  Not a joke.  That literally just happened last weekend.


Get healthy and get numbers!


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