Friends, Standards

Dirty Work: Cleaning out the “Friend” List


Most guys roll out with friends who don’t actually want them to get laid.  I have found this to be the case in most of my client’s lives.  In fact, this was a state of events in my life.. that is, before I snipped them out.

My story: I used to have a few “friends” that would go out with me at night, hell, even when they were with me during the day, and do a few things that are not up to par in my current reality.   They were aware that I am the type of guy that is very social and would open groups of women and get conversation going very easily and naturally.  Within five minutes, BOOM, they would amble from the bar over to me and the girls.  Now, this would be greatly appreciated if they were trying to wing me in some way but no, they would either be drunk and ridiculous and/or hit on the girl I was obviously after and we would end up competing, diminishing both of our chances.

Something else they would do that is completely unacceptable is put me down if I was approaching unsuccessfully that night.  Negative and blatant about their intentions (which was to ensure that, since they weren’t having any success, I sure as hell wouldn’t have any either).

Right now you may be thinking about that “friend.”  I hope that you aren’t because that means you don’t have those negative, value-sucking friends in your life.  But if you are, guess what, something has to be done.  You know it, I know it.  Here is how I suggest you go about it.

Give them a call, or, the next time you are hanging out, confront their behavior, straight up.  Call them on their bullshit.  Demand change and simply and kindly let them know that you have a standard in your life and they are currently not meeting that standard.  If they don’t accept, drop ‘em right there.  Sounds harsh?  It is.  But how kind have they been to you?  Add it up.  How long will you put up with people that aren’t worth your time and energy?  Same goes with women.  Have that standard.  In fact, stop reading this and get out a piece of paper.  Write down your standard in friends and girlfriends and stick to it.  Period.  No exceptions.  Liberation begins.


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